Happy Yorkshire Day!

I’m a relative newcomer to Yorkshire having been here just 5 years. I quickly fell for Leeds and West Yorkshire – it’s people, cities and landscapes. I’m intending to stay here for a long long time and when the opportunity arises I try to learn what I can about Yorkshire customs, history and dialect.

So Happy Yorkshire Day! This is a day when Yorkshire men and women celebrate their ancient and diverse county. I’ve looked it up in the most reliable reference source I know – yes, Wikipedia. Apparently declarations of integrity and loyalty to Yorkshire have been read out in each of the three Ridings of Yorkshire since Alfred the Great was king.

More recently, from 1975, Yorkshire Day has been celebrated on 1st August. It was of importance in the 1970’s as a protest against changes to local Government boundaries but from what I can see has turned into a right good knees up instead. This year a special symphony been composed by Benjamin Till to be aired for the first time today. You can view it at http://bit.ly/a7skJw

I think it’s good to remember where we are from time to time. With that in mind I’m trying to get to grips with the local dialect. I wonder if you can help me.

  • Intitot?
  • Asthagorrit reet?
  • Giuzit
  • It dunt marrer
  • Tintintin
  • Eenose nowt abbaatit
  • If thi ever duz owt fer nowt, mek sure thi duz it fer thi sen.

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