Marketing Ploys – a quick rant

The world around us is changing. Social media abounds, HD TV and 3D cinema are becoming common place, TV on demand, Iphones and Ipads… The IT revolution is happening so quickly that I find it hard to keep up. But there are many elements of this process that I thoroughly enjoy and I get sucked in along with everyone else. This in turn is making all of us more aware that we have options as to how we receive information. I’d like to think that we’re becoming more sophisticated in our choices and the way we use the technology around us.

At the same time I hope the world is becoming more environmentally aware (it doesn’t always feel like it). Most of us do our bit to save water, energy, paper and other resources. I’m proud that I’ve pretty much cut out all the paper junk mail that comes through my letterbox (I’m now working on the spam in my inbox) and even reduced the amount of essential paper information by opting for bills and statements by email.

Utility companies and banks can no longer infiltrate my home with unwanted leaflets and mailshots. Or so I thought …

I’d got quite cosy and complacent in my paperless world. Then recently I received a letter from my bank that upon opening made me read twice in disbelief and then laugh out load. Admittedly this is a huge difference from my usual reaction as the only bank letter that gets through my net of “no paper here, please” is the one telling me how much they are charging when I creep over my overdraft limit (fortunately this doesn’t happen often).

This particular letter was nothing to do with overdrafts. No, it was all about marketing.

“Did I know that I had chosen not to receive information from them?”

– Yes! Of course I bloody did!

“Did I know that I was missing out on an opportunity to have updates which could be to my financial advantage?” –

What updates? What financial advantage? I’ve only got a current account that’s in credit briefly then gets bled dry by mortgage payments and bills.

“If I wanted said important information then I should complete the return slip at the bottom of the letter and send it back to them.” Needless to say this has not happened.

How is it that when I tell a company that I don’t want to receive any marketing literature they still manage to find a way of sending it??

Thank you for reading. End of quick rant!


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